About EverythingTurns

ET was launched in February 2012 by David Anthony Hickman.
Hi to all,

I'm Dave, a veteran sound designer, producer and electronica musician, (guitarist) I've been designing and programming analog and digital sound sets for decades, as a developer for ZERO-G my sound design work has previously been used by major artists, studios and companies worldwide, I was an early beta tester for Steinburg's Cubase and Native Instruments Kontakt.

Worked in loads of studios with truly professional people and few not so professional. (sometimes it can be a challenge)

On the electronica side, my album "Art of Sacrifice" available on the DiN label, plus most download sites, including iTunes, received excellent revues, (still got a few under the bed if anyone wants one) as a DJ I've played support sets for System 7, Eat Static, Hawkwind, Transglobal Underground and a few others.

I've owned a lot of synths over the years, I started in the days before midi, I still think an all analog signal path sounds better, it's something about the relationship of electrons and components that link multiple circuits and push the electric motor we call a loudspeaker, a bit like vinyl or the electric guitar all pushing electrons through a physical substance known as matter (ourselves included)....., but now days I just have one keyboard a MacBook Pro running Logic, Keymap Pro, Kontakt and Reaktor, I succumbed to almighty CPU, I use other stuff but I like to keep things simple, I've been using the Mac since the late 80s and have absolutely no understanding about how to use a PC.

Sound Design is one of the things I love doing most, I'm currently working on Instruments and Effect Processors using N I Reaktor and Kontakt. (lot's more in the pipeline).

I've got a few thousand original samples and loops that I'm slowly converting into the various formats for Reaktor, Kontakt, Battery and Maschine. (other formats will follow as I get through them)


The Blues

I've been playing the guitar for over forty years, I've always been influenced by the british blues, the earliest memory I have of anything musical is "Little Red Rooster" by the Rolling Stones in 1964.

Being a three year old at the time I think that sound just got imprinted, it was six years later when I picked up my first guitar.

The blues is part of my DNA.

I play a modified Fender Telecaster through a Fender Super Sonic Valve Amp.

I only own three foot pedals, an MXR 'script' Dyna Comp, an Ibanez AD80 Analog Delay and a Boss CE-2 Chorus.

All analog, all vintage.

Art of Sacrifice

This is a review of the original DiN CD release.

You just know don't when your really gonna enjoy a track on a CD by only listening to the opening bars. Well here on the Star Look Down, a masterful ambient performance of hypnotic beauty has been assembled which must surely be accepted by those among you who enjoy their music: the gentle ambiences naturally haunt the mind. Casting aside the floppy notes and wallowing sounds here you'll find a tightly structured lesson in how to make quarter of an hour seem like only three and a half minutes. It develops in an exemplary manner and half way through the low notes could rattle your ribcage. It's all the work of David Anthony Hickman who recorded and mixed the six tracks in Cornwall.

The second track, Mirror 2 Level 4 is more unsettling in nature with it's slightly off key bell sounds that give a distinct Japanese flavour. Perhaps the sequenced After The Migration, with its Tangerine Dream inspired structure will please many, yet David is no copycat as you will notice whilst listening to this ten minutes section.

The next piece is more introspective and there is a feeling that its all about textures, but Endelyon Alpha proves us wrong as it develops into another wonderful lesson in how to make instrumental music fascinating. As you would expect from the title, Hydrosphere contains a deep ocean of sound and is not scary in any sense. The title track in comparison is very scary and profoundly menacing. There's no sacrifice to be made listening to this, rather the exact opposite. Lovers of ambient music take note, don't miss an opportunity to show off this to your friends.


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