Hybrid Loops - Demo Tracks
Hybrid Partials

mp3 demo track.

24bit Drum and Percussion Oddities.

Hybrid Loops were assembled by using individual instruments, synths, samplers and effects, then recording the results in Logic, sometimes up to 24 tracks were used to build the mix.

Each track was then cut up and saved as individual loops.

The whole project took about 7 months to complete from start to finish, and about 3 months for me to recover.

Hybrid Partials are individual elements forcibly evicted from the recorded loops, and then edited to produce each sample.
Crashing Hat

mp3 demo track.

Contains 267 Cymbolic Hat Crashing Loops.

Hi-Hats, Cymbals and Crashes, presented to you in a whole new dimension, and some.
Moddelled Theory

mp3 demo track.

Contains 367 Modelled Twanged Percussion Loops.

This set is more about the delicate practice of subtleness and absence.

These Modelled Percussion loops are less effected and more sparse, allowing better placement in an ambient space.

Less is Definitely More.
Nonzero String

mp3 demo track.

Contains 256 Random Hiccuped Loops.

It’s just a title that doesn't actually have anything to do with the sounds contained in this collection of randomness,

But its safe to say that there are absolutely none, absolutely zero strings involved anywhere in this collection of loops.
Pendulum Snare

mp3 demo track.

Contains 203 Swinging Noise Loops.

How different life would be without the invention of the Snare Drum.

And how different your mix will sound with these loops adding a bit of noise or in most cases a lot of noise.
Percussive Dispersion

mp3 demo track.

Contains 196 Atmospheric Percussive Loops, mainly percussive in nature, always effected and atmospheric.

Placing a few of these loops in your mix will add a whole new perspective to your sound.

Designed to complement and add a bit of depth and inspiration, or just use them on their own, your mix, your choice.
Prefabric Nation

mp3 demo track.

Contains 215 Prefabricated Loops, conceived by Hybrids.

This pre-fabricated collection of loops was created by using a combination of elements from the Hybrid library.

A useful collection to have available when a quick fix is needed to add just a bit of inspiration to get things moving.
Shed Construction

mp3 demo track.

Contains 208 Hits, Bangs and Clashing Loops.

Sometimes we just need a bit of solitude, so go and build something, and the shed is the best place to start.
Thump Kicking

mp3 demo track.

Contains 266 Thumping Banging Kick Loops.

You could class this set as Bass Drum Loops, and whilst Bass Drums and Loops are involved, these loops take the definition in a whole new direction.