Granular Re-Synthesiser
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ArcWave is a granular re-synthesiser that uses samples in place of oscillators allowing very diverse waveform generation from virtually any conceivable sound source.

An independent multipoint envelope generator bidirectionally scans the sample without affecting pitch, producing an ever changing waveform output feed to the filters.

The scan cycle, flow, motion, start point and length along with gain, pan, pitch and fine tune are all definable, plus the scan cycle can be disabled and set to static mode.

Filter one is a variable multimode filter consisting of a resonant low pass - band pass - high pass design with variable two or four pole slope, the filter shape and tone is enhanced with the use of an envelope generator as well as key and velocity via midi.

In addition to having ADSR control over the filter the waveform output can also play a part in shaping the contour of the sound.

Filter two is a slightly more conventional filter consisting of a switchable 1 - 2 - 3 or 4 pole low pass design with resonance, again the filter can be influenced via the EG and midi.

Bolted in-between the filters is the LFO modulation, when the LFO waveform is positive it can lift the cutoff of filter one, as the waveform goes into its negative phase it can lift the cutoff of filter two, this produces a gentle or not so gentle sweep of the filters, breathing even more life to the sound.

The signal path then enters Atmospheara.

Audio Demo

UnderWater ArcLight was improvised live using ArcWave, no other synths, effects or sounds have been used.

The track was recorded in Logic on a MacBook Pro and uses only 9 patches.

Each part was independently bounced down before playing the next part, leaving 9 recorded audio tracks at the mixing stage, two of the tracks had a small amount of EQ cut at about 500 Hz to remove some of the energy, plus a bit of automation was then used to control the track levels.
The finished mix was then bounced through a 5 band compressor in Logic to produce the 24bit master, no post processing has been added.

ET Shop

2 ensembles included in download: ArcWave - Atmospheara

Single 377.99mb file - includes over 120 24bit Samples
Expanded Sample Pack for ArcWave 1.16gb 24bit Samples - single download file
Reaktor Version 5.8.0 or later required, the Ensemble was built using an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.8ghz with 4gb of RAM - CPU around 63%
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