Four Opperator BLOCKS Synth Voice.
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OPERAtor Ensemble includes BLOCKS Modules - OPPERAtors - FILtors - EFFECtors - ComPlex LFO A/B - PHAseScope.

Audio Demo

The OPERAtor demo track was recorded as clips for each snapshot direct from Reaktor 6 in Live 10, each clip was then normalised using RX7.

The chosen few clips were then placed end to end and crossfaded to produce the demo track.

The only processing used was a small amount of eq, compression and limiting using Ozone8 to glue the track together.
OPERAtor was built using Reaktor 6.4.0
A video of OPERAtor is available on YouTube
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About OPERAtors

Three modes of synthesis.
4 sine-wave generators each with two oscillators producing an 8 oscillator phase modulated additive sound, with each generator having its own ADSR and Mix output.
Each generator can be tuned independently allowing polyphonic chord generation within the BLOCKS environment.
By switching to FM the additive sound is transformed into FM Synthesis, the generators now become operators and can be used to modulate each other, allowing complex chaining and cross modulation.
The third stage is subtractive synthesis, any of the 4 generators can be switched from Sine to Wave Mode, the same routing and modulation is still available and each generator waveform can be set anywhere between triangle and pules with PWM.

About FILTers

Two independent 2-Pole 12db Filters wired in series with a switchable third 12db stage.
Filter A has two modes, 12db LP + 12db LP and is switchable to 12db LP + 12db HP, Filter B is a 12db LP filter with a stronger resonant peak.
The filter can track pitch and follow the built-in ADSR.
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About EFECTors

Four channel mixer with 3-band EQ.
Switchable pre and post sends for the built-in Delay and Reverb processors.
Pre-send is tapped pre EQ and post-send is tapped post EQ.
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Delay A is a mono in stereo out processor with adjustable width and two-band EQ, Delay B is post Delay A producing a stereo diffused delay effect.
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Stereo Reverb with pre delay and 3 band EQ.
The reverb has a built-in attack decay EG for gated effects.
The reverbs output can be sent to the delay processor for added effect.

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Reaktor Version 6.4.0 or later required for OPERAtor.

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ET BLOCKS SET contains 8 Ensembles and all Blocks
Reaktor Version 6.3.2 or later required.
Tested in Reaktor 6.4.0
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