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Octa Wave EX
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The Ow-1EX is a multi wave oscillator that has eight generators that can be combined together to produce a single waveform.

The oscillator can be set to work in monophonic and polyphonic modes.

The Pulse, Triangle, Sine and BI-Saw generators have PWM (pulse width modulation) that can be linked to the LFO, ADSR or set manually, in addition to this the BI-Saw generator has three waveforms with adjustable phase.

The LFO has five different waveforms available including Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Random and Glitch, plus the symmetry of the waveform can be altered.

The LFO will free-run or can be set to be re-triggered with each gate pulse received via MIDI or from the TRIAD generator of the OXYGEN8 duo.

The LFO has it's own EG allowing gradual modulation effecting the oscillators pitch, the LFO can also have an effect on the filter.

The EX version of the OCTA WAVE has a built-in Arpeggiator with adjustable rate and direction, the ARP can be set to work in monophonic and polyphonic modes.
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Triad takes the pitch of incoming note data and expands the range producing a sequence of spaced notes, then altering the pitch of the notes independently over time.

The effect is designed to work in conjunction with the onboard arpeggiators built into the oscillators.
J-Esque Mode
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The Je-1 filter is a 4-Pole design that uses dual 12db elements in series producing either a low pass or high pass output.

Element 1 is a 2-Pole low pass filter and element 2 can be switched between low and high pass modes.

The filter can be set to follow the ADSR in one of two ways.

In Normal Mode the filter will follow the ADSR positivity, opening and closing with the ADSR shape.

Selecting Invert the filter will follow the ADSR in a negative way closing and opening with the ADSR shape.

The amount that the filter tracks is set with the ADSR dial, the filter will also follow the pitch of incoming notes and can be set with the Timbre dial.
Gate Amp
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The Gate Amp is a two stage EG with output gain and pan and is used to modify the effect that the ADSR has on amplitude or can be used independently when the ADSR is switched off.
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The ADSR receives gate and pitch via MIDI or via a sequencer if include with the synth, when triggered it will follow the amplitude path set by the dials.

The way it responds to gate and pitch depends on the settings of the touch and timbre dials.

This is a six stage design with two decays and a variable slope, the ADSR is also hard wired to the J-ESQUE filter of OXYGEN8 and the LADDER MODE of WRAITH.

It will still have an effect when switched off. (i.e. not effecting the amplitude of the synth output but still effecting the filter)
Hyper Space
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The effect is divided into two independent stages, the first is a stereo frequency shifter that alters the frequency of the incoming signal without altering the pitch and the second stage is a chorus effect.
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The Movement effect adds auto pan to the outputs of each synth.

MOVEMENT will only have an effect if the RANGE dials are above zero.

RATE adjusts the speed of the panner and RANGE effects the width of the stereo environment.

INFLUENCE and SYM alter the phase path of the Panner.

OFFSET is used to position the left and right inputs anywhere along the main left and right output paths.
Diff Delay
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The delay uses 8 diffusers to produce stereo delay and reverb effects with switchable feedback regeneration plus low and high filters in the feedback chain.

The Master dial is a separate processor that utilises a fast response limiter for setting the output gain of the synth.

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