Modulated Filter Fx - Loop Generator
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This is the post effects section of the PPe for use as a DAW send effect, it also works well in standalone mode, one nice feature of Reaktor is that you can load in a sample and play it through the PFx and save the results to your HD as a new sample.

The PFx has the following effects Filter Bank LFO, Compressor, Flanger Phaser, Dual Delay, Reverb Space and Auto Gain Reduction.

Filter Bank LFO. The Filter Bank is a very easy way to change the tone of a sound, the eight faders are kill bandpass filters, turn them all down and you get no output, the Shift crossfader moves the bands relative to each other.

The LFO section is where the magic happens, Depth controls the amount of effect that the LFO has on the filters, Phase L/R and Symmetry control the stereo placement, Rate and Shape do just that.

Compressor. A stereo compressor with Input Gain - Ratio - Knee - Saturation - Attack - Release and Output Gain. The two channels can be linked for stereo compression or you can let it work as two mono compressors on a stereo signal.

Flanger Phaser. The Flanger Phaser has an LFO with phase offset plus 7 mode settings for phaser strength and feedback inversion.

Dual Delay. Two delays with cross sine - triangle modulation, filtering and eq. The chatter control messes with the delay clock........

Reverb Space. The Reverb Space has full control over pre delay, reflection size and has high and low frequency damping.

Soft Clip Auto Gain Reduction. Last in the chain is the Auto Gain Reduction and is hard wired and always active, this stops any overloading of the output.

Audio Demo

A single drum loop played through the Purple Fx running in Logic, plays once dry, then the PFx is switched through a few presets.

No other processing or mastering is added, it's just the PFx.
Purple Fx is taken from the Purple People Eater's post synth effects section, for use as an insert plug-in or standalone.

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Reaktor Version 5.7.0 or later required, the Ensemble was built using an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.8ghz with 4gb of RAM - CPU around 28%
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