Radiophonic Modular Analog Synthesiser
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If a picture paints a thousand words, a sound can paint a thousand pictures..... Welcome to the movies, welcome to PurPLe.

PurPLe takes its inspiration from the early days of synthesis and is dedicated to the pioneers of the sound effects departments that terrorised the audiences of the science fiction silver screen.

PurPLe's sound is generated by free running multi-wave oscillators, each delivering a diverse waveform that can twist and warp almost as if it's alive....... It's a Monster of a Synth.

The key to this sonic arsenal is the Modulation Matrix Patch Bay, allowing the component parts of the synth to interact with each other. (more detailed expiation needed I think)

Modulation is what makes a synth sound more real or totally unreal, it's the wobble of the bass and the trill of a flute, it's mostly an.. LFO generating this effect. (there is more to frequency modulation than just making a sound wobble, it's about the sound itself)

PurPle's Matrix opens up the possibilities of frequency modulation by tapping into, chaining and merging the signal path.

By modulating an LFO with noise and then using the LFO to modulate an oscillator or filter is a simple task, the more you explore the more possibilities you will discover. (how about one oscillator going up in pitch as you play and another going down in pitch, whilst modulating the first oscillator)

Take a look at the two small oscillator scopes in the Panel-A image above, the large oscilloscope on the right you'll see the result of OSC-1 modulating OSC-2. (but, OSC-1's settings are producing a sine wave? It's modulation source is OSC-3, giving you a sharp triangular shaped pulse wave evolving along a sine wave path that is modulating the saw wave of OSC-2)

There is quite a lot of interaction and modulation going on in that patch.

Have a listen to the audio demo, it's easier than trying to explain sound in words.

Audio Demo

All the examples in the demo are recorded direct to HD from PurPLe no additional effects are used.

Keymap Pro was used for the editing of the loops and Logic to assemble the final track, just a multi band compressor was placed on the master output.

There is no onboard sequencer or arpeggiator........ It's a mono synth........ It's the modulation matrix in action.

Take any of PurPLe's sounds, select midi and switch on the ADSR, they will now follow your keys just like any synth.

This opens up a whole new world of strange soundscapes, bass and lead lines, percussive loops and never ending evolving textures.
The audio demo shows only a handful of sounds taken from PurPLe.

Its easy to create your own patches, just choose any of the patches included and hit randomise in Reaktor, its a great way to explore the capabilities of PurPLe.

PurPLe can respond to midi just like any analog mono synth, but the oscillators have no fixed tuning, you have to tune each of them individually, so it's got a built in chromatic tuner and a frequency display in Hz.

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