Modulated Filtered Reverb - Loop Generator
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This is no basic reverb delay processor.

The ScatterVerb when used in it’s most basic form is a reverb and delay processor for use as an insert effect within a digital audio workstation.

Start tweaking a few dials and sliders you will soon discover this is no basic reverb delay processor.

At the heart of the ScatterVerb is the modulated LFO Filter Bank, the audio input is split into 16 stereo paths and sent to 16 stereo LFO modulated band pass filters, each with independent level control, 4 sends then tap into the modulated filters picking up the audio as it travels past the window set by the filter, sending the filtered sound over to the scatter processors.

All is then combined, producing very musical textures and dreamy ambiences without cluttering the sound field.

The heart of the ScatterVerb is the modulated LFO Filter Bank.

The audio input is split into 16 paths and sent to 16 LFO modulated band pass filters, each with an independent level / send control.

The LFO section modulates the filter placement and the depth controls the amount of effect that the LFO has on the filters, Phase and Symmetry control the stereo placement, Rate and Shape are used to adjust the LFO speed and waveform.

There is a small oscilloscope displaying the output of each effect process above the menu, the top 2 displays show the phase of the scatter effect.

The 2 scatter processors can tap into the 16 filters via the 4 drop down menus, the amount of send level is set by the small fader above each filter display.

Audio Demo

The demo track plays a dry loop first followed by the scatter effect, no other processing or mastering has been added to the track.

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Reaktor Version 5.7.0 or later required, the Ensemble was built using an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.8ghz with 4gb of RAM - CPU around 28%
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