Analog Percussive Sequencer / Loop Generator
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The TRanz8ight4 has two independent 16 beat sequencers, each driving a bank of Sine-PW oscillators and Noise-PW generators.

The oscillators and generators use an interactive modulation matrix, producing a powerful complex multitude of varying tones that react to each other.

Switch on the Jammer and it will improvise and interact with the sequencer taking a basic pattern in new directions.

The Jammer creates a more complex rhythmic variation extending the loop cycle way beyond the original.

On the mixer side we have dynamic filters, a compressor limiter, reverbs, delays and modulated effects that can sync to the Jammer.

The TRanz8ight4 has a matrix patch-bay that lets you chain effects in any order, inserting them into the mixer sends.

Put all this together and you have a Dynamic Improvised Analog Percussive Loop Generator (Drum Machine) that thinks it's a Didgeridoo.

Plus........... We have Midi in so you can play it from your Controller or DAW.

Audio Demo

All the sounds are recorded direct from the TRanz8ight4 no additional effects or midi control has been used.
The loops were recorded to HD direct, Keymap Pro was used for the editing of the loops and Logic to assemble the final track, no processing has been added.

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