Random Percussive Loop Builder
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Each percussive generator in KLANGpuck uses eight triangle oscillators that modulate four sine-wave oscillators to produce a metallic tone that cycles in pitch producing a constantly evolving waveform.

KLANGpuck has the same four track loop generator as WAVEdrum.

Audio Demo

About the KLANGpuck demo track.

"Metal Swoosh" was recorded as clips for each snapshot direct from Reaktor 6 in Live 10, each clip was then normalised using RX7.

The chosen few clips were then placed end to end and crossfaded to produce the demo track.

The only processing used was a small amount of eq, compression and limiting using Ozone8 to glue the track together.
KLANGpuck was built using Reaktor 6.2.1 using an Intel i7 running at 2.4ghz with 8gb of RAM.

16 BLOCKS used to build the Ensemble.

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KLANGpuck A, B, C and D
SEQuandra is a Random Percussion Sequencer with four trigger outputs and independent clock.

Tempo as well as Randomisation can be AB modulated giving very unpredictable events.

The step sequence events are set by clicking on each step and using the up/down keys or mouse, each step can produce multiple events.
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The KLANGpuck and SEQuandra modules are only available as part of the KLANGpuck Ensemble.
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LoFlow A and B
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Reaktor Version 6.2.1 or later required for KLANGpuck.
Download file size : 15.5mb

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