Granular Re-Synthesiser - Sample Loop Generator
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The WaveChaserXT is a sample player that uses granular synthesis for playing back any sample with independent control over pitch and time, generating lush sequenced effects that scan and morph around the 8 dimension windows, producing never ending wave sequencing textures.

Once you have your sample in a wave sequence, playing up to 8 different pitches and gliding into each other forwards and backwards, you can then play the wave sequence via midi or in your DAW, the whole pitch of the wave sequence will move up and down with your keyboard without altering the length of the sequence.

The WaveChaserXT places the same sample in each of the windows, and then reads the waveform as the sequencer jumps from window to window in a repeating loop, each time a window becomes active it plays the waveform as it scans to the position set by the crosses in each window, the crosses set the sample position and playback length.

WaveChaserXT includes 302 24bit Samples (923mb) and 3 Snapshot Banks, each bank uses a different set of samples, details of how to load the Sample Maps are included with the download.

Switching to Freeze Mode disables the wave sequencer allowing you to play any static window, this mode is best if you just want to play a single sample via midi or trigger a loop at a different pitch or tempo, you can select different windows using midi control, effectively giving you 8 switchable versions of the sample being played.

An ADSR and Filter EG section gives you full control over the shape and tone of the triggered sample or loop.

In stand-alone mode you can just let the WaveChaserXT do it's thing and record the loop via Reaktor's in built recorder, then drag and drop the recorded loop to you desktop for use it in your audio workstation.

A shorter description would be - WaveChaserXT turns your samples into Silly Putty.

The WaveChaserXT has a second sequencer that controls the cutoff of the EG Filters, the sequencer can also effect the LFO Filter Bank.

The post synth effects are patched together with the Matrix Patcher, plus the main output has 2 Auto Panner's giving you total control of the stereo soundscape.

Audio Demo

The demo track below shows a few possibilities with a handful of samples, it's easy to add your own samples, and by using Reaktor's random merge feature you can quickly create hundreds of new loops in a very short time.
All the examples in the demo are recorded direct to HD from WaveChaserXT no additional effects are used.

Logic to assemble the final track, just a multi band compressor was placed on the master output.

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